Leadership Structure

Mission Research Laboratories (I) Pvt. Ltd. is led by a group of highly qualified and capable Board of Directors and Corporate Executive Team that bring together expertise from a diverse array of fields. The management team at Mission comprises of a healthy mix of dynamic and able visionaries, without whose undying support, Balwan Group of Companies would not have touched new pinnacles of success.



       Mr. Balwan Singh



Mr. Balwan Singh is considered as a man of ideas. He has been leading all the companies under Balwan Group from the front and has set very high standards of business acumen. It is only with his continued devotion and able leadership, that his companies have achieved this pinnacle of success. He is an extremely successful entrepreneur with years of experience under his belt.


Known for his righteous ways, exemplary leadership qualities and encyclopedic knowledge of his field, Mr. Balwan Singh has brought this company to the level beyond the bounds of possibility. He has always believed in being analytical and focused on strategy in order to achieve the dreams with a different approach. The difference being where others act as captains, he acted as a coach, mentoring his employees at every step, shaping them and his companies into successful entities.


           Mr. Vishal Singh



Mr. Vishal Singh has extensive experience in marketing and sale of pharmaceutical products and has been responsible for formulating strategies for growth and turnaround in both the companies under Balwan Group. He thrives on the thrill of closing the deals. He is self-motivating, understands the art of complex selling and rapidly builds a robust pipeline of customers.


Mr. Vishal Singh is responsible for the overall management and control of Mission’s revenue functions, including sales and marketing. He develops sound business plans which are in tune with the operation goals and objectives, and provides effective leadership and guidance to the Group.



Mr. Yadvinder Singh Hundel



A visionary, dynamic and focused leader, Mr. Yadvinder Hundel leads by example. Constantly striving for nothing but excellence and inspired by Mr. Balwan Singh’s vision, with his immense hard work and excellent skills, he has made his mark in less than 2 years and contributed to the immense growth of the company.


With an M.Sc. in Biotechnology, Mr. Hundel has been instrumental in enhancing productivity and production efficiency by introducing improvement initiatives and systems in the manufacturing processes. He is responsible for directing all the manufacturing operations and production workforce to achieve safety, quality, delivery and productivity objectives while ensuring compliance to all the laws. Under his able guidance, Mission has been able to implement policies and processes that ensure the most efficient and cost-effective manufacturing operations.

      Ms. Shikha Hundel 



Ms. Shikha Hundel is responsible for the day to day management and strategic direction of the operations at Mission. She holds an M.Sc. Degree in Biotechnology and has a wealth of experience under her belt. She has a strong hold on administration, is detail oriented and at par with analytical skills to run the day to day administration operations at the company.


Ms. Hundel provides unending support to the entire company and works with entry level employees to senior management as well as liaising directly with third parties and Doctors. She is the support system of the entire organization who has kept everyone working like one family unit at Mission.